Negotiating With Tough Customers Workshop

If you play win-win with a hard ball negotiator, you will lose. Being fluent in win-win negotiation techniques alone, does not make you the best negotiator. The best negotiators are fluent in both win-win AND hardball approaches.

Steve Reilly gives an overview of the way we work with clients in designing a customized Negotiation Workshop. Learn More

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SPJ Consulting works with organizations to achieve critical business goals quickly, profitably, and with high impact.
By partnering with us, clients achieve substantial improvements in organization performance, successful execution of key initiatives, and substantial increases in revenue growth and profitability.

Clients choose us because we provide training that is relevant to each audience while still providing core consistency across the organization. We quickly and deeply customize the content of our core comprehensive curriculum to integrate with our clients’ strategies, markets, products, sales challenges, and tools.

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