“Steve is a gifted communicator and talented advisor with a rare ability for connecting people with ideas to help them improve.”
-Patrick Lencioni, president, The Table Group, and best-selling author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Advantage

Negotiating with Tough Customers Introduction

There are two approaches to negotiation training currently offered by consulting and training companies.

The first approach is to train people on a laundry list of negotiation tips and tactics. You can usually identify this approach from their website or airline magazine advertisements which give a large running list of tips like dealing with good/guy bad guy, handling last minute “nibbles” from buyers, etc. While these tips are useful, this approach does not offer an organized methodology for planning and implementing a sales specific negotiation strategy. And they certainly DO NOT connect corporate margin and profit strategies to in-field pricing and contract decisions.

The second approach to negotiation training is usually offered by universities or negotiation experts associated with academic institutions. This approach is based on negotiation theory and methodology usually developed from labor disputes; arms control talks or other non-sales negotiation situations.

Negotiating With Tough Customers Workshop

If you play win-win with a hard ball negotiator, you will lose.

Being fluent in win-win negotiation techniques alone, does not make you the best negotiator.

The best negotiators are fluent in both win-win AND hardball approaches.

The two most common mistakes made by negotiators regardless of the industry or situation are:

  • They give ground too easily
  • When giving ground, get little to nothing in return

Negotiating with Tough CustomersWhile these mistakes can cost a company plenty in normal negotiation situations, they can devastate a company’s profitability strategy when made in tough and difficult negotiations. The Negotiating With Tough Customers Workshop will provide your sales people with the two most important negotiations skills:

  • The skill of effectively holding their ground
  • The skill of ensuring reciprocal value in return for concessions

The Negotiating with Tough Customers Workshop is specifically designed to help your salespeople improve the outcomes of their negotiations when up against the toughest customers.

The Negotiating with Tough Customers Workshop is based on the book by the same name authored by Steve Reilly. Steve has spent the last twenty years working with Fortune 100 companies is some of the toughest negotiation situations.

The Negotiating With Tough Customers Workshop is a two-day, fast-paced, customized seminar that incorporates Industry-Market-Company (I-M-C) * negotiation scenarios into the workshop content. Our customization process is straightforward and simple. Using designated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that you identify, we create three scenarios incorporating your I-M-C details into the program.

*I-M-C Stands for Industry-Market-Company specific negotiation. Each of the SPJ Consulting Negotiating With Tough Customers Workshops integrate your Industry specifics, Market specifics and Company specifics into the workshop. Our proprietary I-M-C design makes us the only negotiation skills consulting firm with the ability to connect your corporate strategic profitability objectives into in-field pricing decisions.