The best managers and leaders are good at communicating expectations, providing feedback and holding people accountable for results. Our leadership offerings are designed to help supervisors, managers and executives create an environment of responsibility by providing direction and coaching toward results.  In our Leader Manager workshop, participants learn, apply and practice setting clear expectations, provide direct, honest feedback and reward performance that exceeds expectations and hold people accountable for poor performance. The skills your leaders develop in this program will help them create high performance and ensure execution by developing people’s ability to self-manage and self motivate. The workshops’ modular format is intentionally designed to meet the needs of your organization. For more senior executive audiences, the emphasis is placed on leadership skills; communicating mission, values, strategy and alignment. For mid-level managers and supervisors the emphasis is on execution: goal setting, communicating performance standards, coaching and accountability. The Leader Manager Workshop helps organizations build a foundation of excellence and competencies at all levels. These skills are outlined and expanded on in Steve Reilly’s best selling book, Facilitative Leadership, Managing Performance Without Controlling People.

As a result of participating in the Leader Manager workshop, your people will:

  • Regularly engage with their people to discuss performance issues.
  • Prevent non-performance issues.
  • Create an environment in which people self-manage and motivate.
  • Improve “bench strength” of their team.
  • Deal with performance issues earlier and decisively.